Anti-DYKDDDDK (FLAG) Magnetic Microbeads

Category: Purification & Detection

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P8101 1 mL $350


The product is manufactured using a proven microbead and a purified anti-DYKDDDDK monoclonal antibody. This anti-DYKDDDDK magnetic bead product provides a faster and easier solution for immunoprecipitation experiments than Sepharose or Agarose and is optimal for standard IP and co-IP and ChIP procedures.


  • Superior signal-to-noise properties,  decrease background caused by non-specific binding - easy removal of all supernatant after incubation and washing, with minimum risk of sample loss.
  • Highly reproducible results due to high performance beads, optimized buffer conditions. 
  • Keep protein complexes intact - gentle magnetic separation and rapid binding kinetics avoid physical stress on precious proteins. No columns, centrifugations, or time-consuming pre-treatment of samples. 
  • Easy handling, simple and short protocol (<30 min.) 
  • Minimize antibody usage and maximize target protein recovery - rapid binding kinetics and high capacity.