Fluorescein-Goat Anti-Human IgG

Category: Purification & Detection

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D8412 1 mg $90

Fluorescein Goat Anti-Human IgG Antibody is intended to be used in western blot, ELISA and IHC to detect
human IgG. Fluorescein Goat Anti-Human IgG Antibody is conjugated with fluorescein at optimal condition to
allow high sensitivity and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


• Affinity purified , ultrapure, high affinity antibody
• Optimally labeled with fluorescein to provide the brightest label for fluorescence microscopy
• Can be employed in flow cytometry or used for tissue staining
• Supplied in solution
• Excitation: 495 nm
• Emission: 515 nm
• Color: Green

The recommended concentration range for use is 5-20 µg/ml.

Store at 2° - 8ºC