Unconjugated Agarose

Category: Purification & Detection

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A1006 25 mL $199


Unconjugated Agarose Beads (AG-1000) are the same beads used for all of MEDNA agarose conjugated
products. These 4% agarose gel beads are crosslinked to increase flow rates, to reduce compressibility, and to prevent melting in hot solutions.  This product is supplied as a 1:1 suspension in buffer.



1) As a negative control in binding/purification studies using agarose resins such as immmunoprecipitation, or co-immunoprecipitation. 

2) Pre-binding of the protein mixture solution to remove other non-specifically binding proteins to agarose. 

3) Dilution of other agarose-conjugated resins. 


Wash gel thoroughly with buffer before use to remove sodium azide.


Store at 2-8ÂșC