TMB substrate for HRP conjugates in ELISA and Immunostaining

Category: Purification & Detection

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D6301 1 L $109


TMB HRP Substrate (3,3',5,5"-tetramethylbenzidine) Kit contains reagents necessary to produce either a precipitating blue reaction product or a soluble blue reaction product. This kit also contains a stabilizing solution which, when added to the working solution, allows the development of a blue precipitate. This sensitive chromogen can be used for blotting, immunohistochemical, and in situ hybridization applications. TMB stained slides can be dehydrated and permanently mounted whereas the soluble blue product, produced in the absence of the stabilizing solution, is useful for ELISA assays.


FOR USE IN ENZYME IMMUNOASSAYS: Do not add the Stabilizing Solution. Measure the absorbance of the soluble blue product at 650 nm.

TO INCREASE ABSORBANCE OF THE TMB PRODUCT 2-4 FOLD: Stop the reaction by adding 50 µL of 1N sulfuric acid per microtiter plate well. Measure the absorbance of the yellow reaction product at 450 nm.


Store at 2º-8ºC

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